What is your privacy statement?

Please visit the privacy statement on our web site. 


Will I be able to use my account on the same day that I open my account?

Yes, once you receive your account number you can use your account right away.

Online applications must successfully complete the identity verification process provided by Equifax Canada, Inc.  You must then click on the activation link that was emailed to start using your account.   


Why does my account keep failing online registration? 

In order to meet regulatory requirements to open an HPIbet account we are required to ask for personal information. Our online application uses an identity verification process provided by Equifax Canada, Inc. This process compares the information you provide to information in your credit report in order to validate your identity and no other. This process will not impact your credit rating or credit file in any way.  Should the information you provide not be verified online, please be assured that this is not a reflection of your credit rating but may simply be due to the fact that your consumer report file is incomplete or out of date. If our identify verification process is unable to verify your provided information then you are welcome to print your completed application and submit it via mail.

All information submitted via this online application is fully encrypted and secure


Who can sign up for an HPIbet account?

To sign up for an HPIbet account you must be a Canadian resident, 18 years of age (19 in BC).


How is my HPIbet account protected online?

Your HPIbet account is protected by a unique username, password, pin number, and call-in verbal password.  We take the security of your personal information very seriously and will do our utmost to protect your HPIbet account.  


Why must I create a Username and Password?

Creating a unique username and password will add an extra layer of security to your HPIbet account.  A username must contain a minimum of 6 characters. Your password must contain at least 8 characters and must contain at least one number a letter and a symbol.


Can I add a social networking profile to my HPIbet account?

Yes, you can add any of the available social networking login types to your HPIbet profile.  If you have a Facebook, Google Plus, Microsoft or Twitter account you can link the two accounts together.  Sign into your HPI account - Click on your Profile Icon - Social Networks, and select your desired social network.  You will need to follow the prompts on screen that the respective social network ask you to before account linking is complete.

Note: You will still need to enter you HPIbet pin number for each session once you’re logged into your HPIbet account. 


How secure is my online account information?

HPIbet is a secure site, built with controls to protect the privacy of your personal information and the integrity of your wagering activities. All HPIbet wagering transactions are handled by Woodbine Entertainment Group’s wagering systems and are protected using SSL SHA -2 encryption.


How do I cancel a wager?

There are multiple methods to cancel wagers depending on how they were placed.

  • Wagers made online can be cancelled via the My Transactions page or the Today’s Bets section on HPIbet.com.
  • Wagers made through your HPIbet account on a self serve terminal can be cancelled on the self serve terminal.
  • All wagers made online or on a self serve terminal can be cancelled by contacting the HPIbet Support Centre at 1-888-675-8886 and confirming your cancellation with an HPIbet representative.


What if I have questions regarding the bets I make through HPIbet?

HPIbet representatives will be able to assist you with any question you may have.  Call us toll free at 1-888-675-8886 or locally at (416) 675-8886


What happens if a race goes off before I finish composing and confirming my bet?

If you attempt to place a bet for a race no longer available for wagering, the system will display one of several possible error messages to you indicating that your wager could not be accepted.


Do you keep a history of my wagers?

Yes. HPIbet displays up to your last 60 days of wagers made online.


How long in advance can I place a wager?

You can place a wager as soon as the tote system has opened the race card for wagering. Typically this will be half an hour before post time of the first race in a card. The tracks that you can wager on will be listed on the HPIbet track selection panel. This list will vary based on what races are running on a given day. On occasion, advance day wagering will be available for selected special races. Advance day wagering will be indicated with the code "(ADV)" appended to the track name.


Can two people or more use the same computer to place a wager?

Yes, you can share a computer. However each person must use their own HPI account and must have logged into HPIbet using their account credentials.


Can an HPIbet representative place a wager for me?

HPI representatives CANNOT place wagers for customers, as per the HPIbet Terms and Conditions.  However, HPIbet representatives can teach you how to place a bet.  Please call the HPIbet Support Centre at 1-888-675-8886 or 416-675-8886.




Can I make online deposits into my HPIbet account from the HPIbet web site?

Yes. To make an online deposit into your HPIbet account via the HPIbet site, simply sign into your HPIbet account click on your Profile Icon- Deposit/Withdraw. From here you can select between Credit Card, Interac Online, PayPal and Loadhub funding option.  

TIP: On Desktop, you can also get to our funding page by clicking the green deposit symbol located next to your balance.


Do you keep a history of my funding transactions?

Yes. HPIbet displays up to your last 60 days of transactions made online.


How secure is my banking information? How secure are deposits performed through the phone system or Internet?

HPIbet is a secure application, built with many controls to protect the privacy of your personal information and the integrity of your deposits. While using HPIbet all of your activities are encrypted and protected using SSL SHA -2 encryption.


What if I receive an error message when using the phone system or Internet to perform a funding transaction?

Follow the directions provided by the error message.  In some cases you may need to contact the HPIbet Support Centre for assistance in completing or confirming a transaction. The HPIbet Support Centre can be reached by phone toll free 1-888-675-8886 or 416-675-8886.




Can I Refund my Interac Online or Credit Card transactions?

Yes.  You can refund any credit card and Interac Online deposits made online.  Sign-into your HPIbet account – click on your Profile Icon – select My Transactions - Deposit/Withdrawal.   From here you can refund up to 60 days of online transactions by clicking REFUND next to the transaction amount.  Note: It may take 3 to 4 business days for the refund amount to show up on your banks systems.  This processing time is varies by bank.   


Can I make a withdrawal online into my bank account using EFT withdrawals?

Electronic Funds Transfer allows you to return a specified amount to a pre-registered bank account through HPIbet.  To register your bank account for EFT, sign-into your HPIbet account – click on your Profile Icon – select Deposit/Withdrawal.  Click EFT Withdrawal, and from here click EFT setup.

Enter your Bank Code, Account No. and Transit No in the corresponding boxes. Within 3 business days a small deposit will be made to your bank account. This amount will need to be confirmed to activate EFT on your HPIbet Account.




How can I make a withdrawal in person?

To withdraw funds you can visit the HPIbet West Express or HPIbet Player Services booth at Woodbine Racetrack (9am to 11pm), Hastings Racecourse (9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 8pm Sundays), Fraser Downs (Live Racing Only) Western Fair (Live Racing 5:30pm to 11pm) or Century Mile (9:30am to Last race). You must present Government Issued Photo ID along with a signed withdrawal slip to receive your cash. Requests in excess of $1000 will require 24 hours notice.


Can I make a withdrawal from an Automated Teller (SAM machine)?

Yes you can. Withdrawals can be made with your HPIbet account card at any self-serve terminal in the following areas: WEG (Woodbine, Mohawk, Greenwood, Flamboro, Georgian, Grand River, Clinton, Hanover and Champions teletheatre locations), Alberta (Century Downs and Century Bets! OTB, Century Mile and century Mile OTB), BC (Hastings Park, Fraser Downs and TBC Teletheatres), Quebec ( Hippodrome 3R or any QJC OTB). 

Please note: Account Card functionality may differ between home market areas depending on Tote providers. For more information regarding your HPIbet Account Card functionality please contact an HPIbet Representative (locally) at 416-675-8886 or 1-888-675-8886. Vouchers can be cashed with any mutual teller in the same tote in which the voucher was issued. Please note that vouchers exceeding $1000CDN cannot be honored at any Champions Teletheatre or exceeding $800 CDN at any B.C. area TBC Teletheatre. Please redeem vouchers in excess of the amount listed above at a racetrack location and not that of a Teletheatre. 




How can I withdraw funds from my account over the phone?

To withdraw funds from your HPIbet account when you are unable to visit the racetrack, to make the request, please contact our Support Centre at 1-888/416-675-8886 for assistance. We can issue a cheque for any amount over $50.




When will my HPIbet Rewards points balance be updated to reflect the wagers I have made?

Your rewards point balance is updated approximately every 20 minutes.


Will my HPIbet Rewards points balance decrease if I cancel wagers?

Yes, your balance will be adjusted accordingly.


What can I use my HPIbet Rewards points for? Is there a time limit for using my points?

For full details on the HPIbet Rewards program and prize list please contact the HPIbet Support Centre and ask to speak with a Rewards Specialist. There is no time limit for using your points.


How do I know if I am eligible for rewards points where I live?


Rewards Eligibility

The information below is meant as a general guideline for Rewards eligibility as there are some exceptions to the rules listed below. Please call the HPIbet Support Centre if you have any questions regarding your eligibility.


Rewards Eligibility for Home-based Wagers (e.g. IVR or Online)

To earn HPIbet Reward points and Rewards Cash Back from IVR or online wagers, the customer must have an HPIbet account and reside in one of the following Home Market Areas (HMAs) as defined by the Canadian Pari-mutuel Association (CPMA):

  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • Nova Scotia
  • PEI
  • Manitoba
  • Quebec

To verify your Home Market Areas please call the HPIbet Support Centre at 1-888-675-8886 or 416-675-8886.


Rewards Eligibility for On-Track and Teletheatre Wagers

With some exceptions, any customer, regardless of where they reside, may earn Rewards points and Rewards Cash Back when visiting one of the racetracks or Teletheatres associated with the Home Market Areas listed above when using their HPIbet account.




Are cookies stored on my computer?

Yes. HPIbet uses cookies for temporarily storing information. If you clear your browser's cookies this information is erased from your computer. These cookies automatically expire after each day.


Will my account be disabled if I continually fail to provide proper login credentials for HPIBET?

Yes. After three failed login attempts the system will automatically disable your HPIbet account. This is to protect your account from unauthorized access. If you have forgotten your Username, Password or Wagering Pin, or if your account has been disabled, please call the HPIbet Support Centre at 1-888-675-8886 or 416-675-8886


Can I access HPIbet from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes. HPIbet is a fully responsive designed site.Your tablet and/or mobile device must be able to run HTML5 content, the latest Operating System with the latest Browser version in order for you to enjoy the full experience of HPIbet.com


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